acta physica slovaca

Acta Physica Slovaca 64, No.2 & 3, 101 – 216 (2014) (116 pages)


Milan Držík1, Juraj Chlpík2
    1Department of Applied Optics, International Laser Centre, Ilkovicova 3, 841 04 Bratislava     2INPE, FEI Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Full text: ::pdf :: (Received 31 March 2015, accepted 21 May 2014)

Abstract: Optical metrology methods are an integral part of experimental mechanics. In this communication a systematic study of a variety of these methods is presented concerning the origin and subsequent development over the following period of a few decades. Particularly, the advancement of coherent light imaging in the field of diffraction optics based measuring procedures is described. Primarily, holographic/speckle interferometry used in surface deformation measurements in deformable body mechanics is treated from the viewpoint of optical scheme optimization. Topics such as image plane holography, pulsed ruby laser holography, electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) and double-channel speckle interferometry, hybrid experimental-numerical stress state analysis, light diffraction testing of surface roughness are discussed as well as their primary applications. Theoretical fundamentals and conditions for realization of each method are shown. The main aim of this study is to point out the basic features and potential exploitation of physical phenomena which are related to interference and diffraction of coherent light.

DOI: 10.2478/apsrt-2014-0002

PACS: 42.25.Hz, 42.30.Ms, 42.40.-i, 42.40.Kw, 42.40.My, 62.20.-x, 78.20.hb, 85.85.+j
Keywords: Experimental mechanics, Holographic interferometry, Speckle interferometry, Electronic speckle pattern interferometry, Double-aperture, speckle interferometry, Pulsed holography, Phase visualization, Micro interferometry, Vibration analysis
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