acta physica slovaca

Submit a proposal

acta physica slovaca publications were based on the concept "by invitation only". We still continue this tradition, but the journal is now open for submission of proposals. The acta physica proposal is not a full-text manuscript, but rather the concept of the proposed publication. It consists of authors, title, abstract, motivation (few words about targetted audience and relevance of the theme) and detailed table of contents. The proposal is emailed to as a single pdf file. We expect the legth of this pdf file is at most two pages (excluding table of contents).

We are very happy to publish high quality PhD theses or habilitations having a strong tutorial part. In such case we still require to submit also the proposal, include comments of referees and pdf of the thesis.

After the proposal is submitted it will be reviewed by Editorial board and external experts. Our reply should be expected within 3-4 weeks. Once the proposal is accepted the publication is required to be submited in the form of tex file (including figures and using our latex style ActaStyle.cls) and a generated pdf. We are very happy to help with the preparation of the final document.

Authors are receiving for free 20 copies of their publication and we also offer to distribute (again for free) another 10 copies to addresses provided by authors.

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