acta physica slovaca

Acta Physica Slovaca is an internationally recognised physics journal originally established in 1950. Since 1998 listed in Current Contents.

Editor in Chief:
• Peter Markoš, Bratislava, Slovakia

Editorial Board:
• Jaroslav Fabian, Regensburg, Germany
• Marcel Franz, Vancouver, Canada
• Richard Hlubina, Bratislava, Slovakia
• Ivan Horváth, Lexington, USA
• Václav Janiš, Praha, Czech Republic
• Peter Skyba, Košice, Slovakia
• Ivan Štich, Bratislava, Slovakia
• Boris Tomášik, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Technical Editor:
• Andrej Gendiar

Since 2006, acta physica slovaca publishes review and tutorial articles. Papers written by specialists in a given field are intended to be accessible also to non-specialists and PhD students. Although the printed version of the journal is available, all issues are free to download from the journal's web page. With the new Editorial Board, established in October 2012, we want to continue the current editorial policy.

Some issues since volume 62 (2012) will be published with a delay. We apologize to readers and subscribers for this inconvenience. All the delayed articles will be published during the year 2013.

We hope that the new issues of acta physica slovaca will be interesting for readers.

Bratislava, 31. October 2012
Peter Markoš
© published by Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.